Frequently Asked Questions

What is "The Patidars" ?
This is world's first and only platform that will promote the Unity and Integrity of Patidar Community Across the Globe.
What are the benifits of "The Patidars" ?
This platform will provide various facilities like Patidar Identity, Connection with Organization, Knowing People, Matrimony, Education, Job, Business, Bookings, Donations and much more...
Is the registration to "The Patidars" free ?
Yes, the registration to "The Patidars" is totally FREE.
Who can register to "The Patidars" ?
All the Patidars across the Globe will be able to register to this Application.
Why should i register ?
"The Patidars" platform will provide you with a unique patidar identity which will be valid throughout the world. You can use this patidar identity to avail the benifits provided by this platform and the community.
How to register ?
You can register on this platform by downloading the application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After installing the application, you can follow the guide provided here to complete your registration.
Is this application Secure ?
Yes, this application only permits the people of Patidar community register and avail the benifits of this platform.
Where can i reach for support ?
In case of any queries or doubts you can call at +91 70160 30641 or email at thepatidars@gmail.com