Uniting Patidars Across the Globe
Benefits of The Patidars
Patidar Identity
Each and every person of Patidar community will get his/her own Unique Patidar Identity which will be made mandatory at every community places
Connection with Organizations
This will provide a digital platform to receive all important informations shared by authorized samajs and organizations
Knowing People
By this medium, people will be able to find and know other members of this community
Any bride or groom of patidar community will be able to find their perfect match as a life partner of their choice
By this facility, Students will be able to receive important educational informations by connecting with other experienced ones of this community
This will be helpful to each and every needy and capable person of this community to get Job in various fields
Business persons will be able to expand their business throughout the community
Every person will be able to contribute to educational requirements of the needy students of our community as per their capability
People will be able to book the facilities like Halls, Grounds, Rooms etc. provided by Samajs and Organizations from anywhere at anytime
Glimpses of The Application